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The KR3W are proud to announce the arrival of the Resonance archive.
This adds an additional 20hrs of Trance and Techno dj sets for you to kick back and chill with.
Head over to the archive to check what’s there…

Platipus Pt 2Techno/Trance
Platipus Pt 1Techno/Trance
Resonance 9Techno/Trance
UR MixTechno/Trance
Resonance 8Techno/Trance
Resonance 7Techno/Trance
Resonance 6Techno/Trance
Resonance 5Techno/Trance
Resonance 4Techno/Trance
Artlab MixTechno/Trance
Resonance 3Techno/Trance
Resonance 2Techno/Trance
Resonance 1.1.Techno/Trance

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