A homage to the Platipus record label. Part 2 coming soon… When I started going
through the Platipus back catalogue I didn’t realise quite how many tunes I liked and still
sounded so fresh. My first Platipus 12″ was the amazing Union Jack two full moons and
a trout which seemed to be in a genre of it’s own at the time. This mix seems to bounce
around and build nicely.

Genre: Trance/Techno
Bpm: 137
Filesize: 124.6M

1. There will be no Armageddon – Union Jack
2. Blue – Narcotik
3. 1 – Solaris
4. 3.1 – Humate
5. Lithium – Paragliders
6. Pollenflug – Sol
7. The journey – Loveclub
8. Get Busy – Jamnesia
9. Believe -Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio
10. She’s My Friend – Jamnesia
11. Rouge Mix – Luna
12. Vicious Circles – Poltergeist

Platipus (Part 1)

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